About Peregrine


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Something new

Peregrine is a new type of partner in the age of algorithms, fully focused on driving business, sales and marketing transformation by combining a strategic, data driven approach with a highly technological team.

Our consultants work with some of the largest advertisers and boldest challengers in today’s business. We help organisations elevate their marketing, advertising and lead generation efforts by applying an established and holistic methodology across the entire customer journey.

Founded in Sweden in 2017, we service companies in the Nordics and across Europe. Our clients range from retail to recruitment, SaaS to banks, cars to apps, telecom to logistics, and anything in between. Start-ups, Scale-ups, long established brands, we are here to help you grow.

In Stockholm

We are a diverse team of people with backgrounds in marketing, business consulting and technology. We understand the challenges in connecting brands and customers, know how to design superior strategies and execute on them.

At Peregrine, the client comes first, and our size is our edge. Working with Peregrine means that you work with all of us and get to access all the knowledge we hold as a team. We support our clients in the most critical stages of their digital transformation.

Many of our clients are either public companies or supported by active PE or VC owners. A common denominator is that they often have decided to change and adapt in order to fuel growth. That’s a mindset we like and believe is the only way to remain sustainable and competitive.

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With the right partners

In case our team reaches its capacity, we have partnered up with other consulting companies and trusted agencies in order to give our clients the right support, at the right time, and at speed.

Technology plays a pivotal role in sales and marketing today and it’s importance will only grow. We maintain a valuable and growing network with industry leading partners such as Google, Salesforce, Facebook, Bannerflow, Tobii, Adform, Albert.ai, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Magento, and many others in order to provide continuous and necessary support to achieve your goals.

However, as a proudly independent agency we are not tied to any vendors and will always give technology recommendations based on your individual needs, not our internal preferences. Shall we start?