Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant Martin about working at Peregrine

Martin Hennig (Peregrine)

“When I look back at my first year with Peregrine, this is was comes to mind: I took a risk, but the risk paid off. I had never so much fun at work while being constantly challenged. I’m used to working for larger corporations, you know, the ones that have been in business for a long time, employ at least hundreds, if not thousands of people and have pretty clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

This marketing start-up was the complete opposite. I could barely find any info about the people who work here and who their clients are. The first interview took place in a large office complex - only problem being it wasn’t only theirs, they rented a few seats in the coworking space epicenter. When the CEO Anders was talking about the company history he was referring to the 1.5 months prior to my interview. While the vision he had for Peregrine was reasonably clear, the role was not. I told him about my background in B2B, ecommerce, marketing automation and social media and all the things I enjoy doing etc. I also told him about that other job offer I had for a more traditional ecommerce manager role with a local retail giant, clear defined goals, competitive salary and benefits, daily routines etc. which I swear almost put him to sleep - that’s how boring it sounded.

Here’s what he responded:

‘What Peregrine can offer you is that no two days will be the same, the clients cutting edge, the team the brightest, the technology the latest, and that everyone is expected to grow in their role and organisation.’

So there it was, time to choose between the exciting unknown vs. daily routine of the same KPIs with the goal of improving metrics by a point of a percentage day in and out. And that is how I became Peregrine employee no. 4 after two co-founders and Wilhelm.

Needless to say that by now I would find it hard to go back to corporate life. Too much do I enjoy working with our vastly diverse clients, the best marketing tools, and with an amazing team (that since, tripled in size by the way). I have learnt a lot about the local market, made some incredible connections, grew personally and professionally and sincerely still get excited about coming to the office (a real one by now, too!). I feel appreciated by our clients and valued by my team. The company is doing well and we are really starting to make a name for ourselves. There’s plenty of work for everyone, well, anyone who knows their stuff anyway. I’m glad we’re different in a couple ways and I’m happy Anders kept his word - no two days are the same around here!”  

If that sounds like something you would enjoy as well, get in touch and let’s explore some career or collaboration opportunities. We are always looking for experts in the fields of digital marketing, lead gen, paid and organic search, programmatic advertising, analytics, marketing automation, business transformation and related disciplines.