Data Collection & Activation



Our approach to Data collection and activation

With the continuously evolving world of digital applications and changing user behaviour, alongside an ever increasing usage of technology and digital channels, the variety and volume of data and data sources are increasing by the minute. Building capabilities to collect, analyse and activate data more effectively than competitors should be a core component in your plan of continuous company growth -let alone creating awesome customer experiences simultaneously.

In order to successfully use and activate customer data, a structured and responsible way of collecting and organising data is fundamental. By taking advantage of the technical abilities in today’s data management platforms, we can help you with an effective methodology for configuring, collecting and assembling data to engage your audiences, delight your customers and improve your business.

Let us guide you through the process of setting up tag management solutions, help secure that your ecosystem of technology is exchanging data appropriately, set KPIs and build insightful dashboards, connect and compliment marketing data with you customer data and/or help you select the right CDP or DMP if appropriate. Our experts are looking forward to walking you through the available options.

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Client feedback from Nordax


"Peregrine is our Strategic Marketing partner and has together with our team defined our long- and short term roadmap covering technology-related areas such as Data Visualisation,  Analytics, Media Buying Technology and Creative Platforms. The project also addressed capability-related areas such as Marketing Processes and ecosystem of Partners. With the combination of strategic and tactical expertise, Peregrine has both developed our digital strategy and enabled short term wins. We will continue to work with Peregrine as a digital partner."

- Charles Lumley, Growth Hacker - Nordax Bank