Marketing Operations



Our approach to Marketing Operations

Traditionally more of a project management related function nested somewhere between Marketing and IT, an increasing influence of digital technology has expanded the scope of marketing ops to include areas such marketing performance measurement, strategic planning and execution, resource allocation/budgeting, process development, advertising technology and processing of customer data.

Marketing operations teams require a holistic view of all marketing activities, and how customer touchpoints are attributed through it. We know customer journeys are not defined by channel, but rather by their behaviour across channels, so to serve the right person the right message at the right time at the right place requires the right mix of short term data activation and brand building content.

Related areas: Marketing Technology - Organisational Setup - Digital Project Management

Marketing operations success is not just measured in sales or revenue, but market share / penetration, customer loyalty and other business specific metrics. We believe there is always room for improvement in certain, if not all areas of marketing operations and would love to get the opportunity to evaluate your current setup, learn about your business goals and marketing challenges.

Commonly found Marketing Operation elements:

  • Strategy, planning, budgeting

  • Workflow & process improvement, digitisation

  • Content (creation, storage, distribution, promotion etc.)

  • Customer journey & channel management (Search, Social, Paid Ads, Website/Landing pages/CTAs, CRO etc.)

  • Reporting, analytics, data visualisation

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Client feedback from Nordax


"Peregrine is our Strategic Marketing partner and has together with our team defined our long- and short term roadmap covering technology-related areas such as Data Visualisation,  Analytics, Media Buying Technology and Creative Platforms. The project also addressed capability-related areas such as Marketing Processes and ecosystem of Partners. With the combination of strategic and tactical expertise, Peregrine has both developed our digital strategy and enabled short term wins. We will continue to work with Peregrine as a digital partner."

- Charles Lumley, Growth Hacker - Nordax Bank