Marketing Technology



Our approach to leveraging marketing technology

If you are reading this you already know the question is not if you should take advantage of marketing technology, but how. By utilizing the right platforms for the desired functionality and process, integrated in an ecosystem of platforms that perform as one, you remain competitive both today and tomorrow. The amount of tools, platforms, software and connectors available today (and new technologies added constantly) can be overwhelming when trying to pick the right solution for your business challenges.

Think of marketing technology as a connector between consumer expectations and efficient marketing operations.

We are unbiased experts in Marketing Technology who know how to design, integrate and implement a competitive and efficient ecosystem of technology that supports your business. By mapping the technology perspective directly to the marketing strategy, we make sure the right tools are implemented in the most effective way.

When we talk about designing your ‘tech stack’, we are referring to a grouping of technologies we encourage you to leverage in order to conduct and improve your marketing activities. Use marketing technology it to make difficult processes easier / time consuming processes faster, and to measure the impact of your campaigns and activities throughout the whole customer journey.

We help marketers improve their customer communication, streamline their outbound and inbound marketing efforts, become more data savvy and ultimately more efficient in their daily work. We offer implementations, configurations and integrations of technical platforms that best suit your business needs. The sooner you start, the earlier you see the results.

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Client feedback from Nordax


"Peregrine is our Strategic Marketing partner and has together with our team defined our long- and short term roadmap covering technology-related areas such as Data Visualisation,  Analytics, Media Buying Technology and Creative Platforms. The project also addressed capability-related areas such as Marketing Processes and ecosystem of Partners. With the combination of strategic and tactical expertise, Peregrine has both developed our digital strategy and enabled short term wins. We will continue to work with Peregrine as a digital partner."

- Charles Lumley, Growth Hacker - Nordax Bank