The combined power of LinkedIn page analytics & website insights

LinkedIn’s audience targeting is a killer feature, particularly in B2B settings, since it allows you to reach decision makers in specific roles, industries, even companies in some cases, enabling your team for hyper-personalized content that converts. See how you can easily combine the power of LinkedIn page analytics and website insights to improve your marketing on the world’s most popular business network and beyond.

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Martin HennigComment
Agila Marknadsdagarna - Thanks for having us!

We just came back from Agila Marknadsdagarna, an agile marketing event in Stockholm, where we were both sponsors and speaker . The presentations and discussions were an interesting mix of people and companies who are either currently in, or planning to start, an agile transformation of their marketing department.

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Anders NygrenComment
How to create a customer journey map for your business and apply it to your marketing strategies

Through customer journey mapping, you can make vital improvements to your operations that will result in better customer experiences and therefore greater sales. This guest blog will discuss what customer journey mapping is, why it is so important, and how your brand can develop its own customer journey map.

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Peregrine's 'Beers with Benefits' series: Our new ‘ask-us-anything’ workshops in Stockholm’s city center

It’s not that we don’t like breakfast seminars, we just like after work sessions better. In our experience, set agendas and prepared presenters can teach you a lot. But what most of them are lacking is a true dialog, solving real life cases and business challenges at hand. People leave Inspired maybe, but sometimes without concrete actions or immediate results. This is where our approach kicks in.

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