Ai Singularity @Epicenter

Today we had the chance to listen in to a very interesting talk from David Wood (@DW2) who visited us @Epicenter and enlightened us on the subject of Artificial Intelligence and the event referred to as its Singularity, the time when it will start to exponentially develop and potentially truly disrupt human civilization. During this exciting hour, we all got the opportunity to better understand the contemporary debate about AI’s opportunities and threats, an open dialog that famous company leaders gladly share their opinions within. A historical setting of disruption and it enablers was also in focus a the Epicenter terrace and I must say, it was all very interesting. The approach to the subject was somewhat philosophical which truly inspired interesting thoughts and an open discussion about its place in society. Thanks Epicenter for hosting, and David for sharing his knowledge.

At peregrine we are firm believers of AI and aim to practice it within our business surrounding, marketing. It is in the peregrine culture and we see ourselves as a driver within the Nordic region, partnering with the leading AI platform.

Further will our CEO, Anders visit the Singularity University Summit next week in Copenhagen, don't hesitate to grab Anders if you are there and ask him about what it is we do.

AI Singularity @Epicenter