Peregrine's 'Beers with Benefits' series: Our new ‘ask-us-anything’ workshops in Stockholm’s city center


It’s not that we don’t like breakfast seminars, we just like cozy after work sessions better.

In our experience, set agendas and prepared presenters can teach you a lot. But what most of them are lacking is a true dialog, solving real life cases and business challenges at hand. People leave inspired maybe, but too often without concrete actions or immediate results. This is where our approach kicks in.    

Peregrine’s new ‘Beers with Benefits’ program is an open forum, ask me anything, free consulting gig with a loose agenda available to clients, prospects, peers, friends, well anyone really. We’ll have some simple snacks and beverages ready and our team members available to take your questions, no strings attached. We will also line up some exciting special guests for each session (customers, vendors, partners, friends) to share some of their experience, challenges and solutions.

Swing by to get actionable advice on your most pressing marketing, sales and business challenges. The more specific your questions, the better! Our experts will give you advice, show you some of our work (if applicable) and help you come up with a strategy to be successful. Our ambition is for you to walk away, not only educated, but pumped! Tackle the issue yourself or involve Peregrine at any point.


Oh, and we’ll have rotating beers on tap right in our office, so there’s that.

We are super excited to hear about your business cases and marketing struggles. From social to programmatic, marketing strategy to automation, process and business digitalisation, organisational setup, tools and more, we expect you to take full advantage of our combined knowledge.

Special focus for our February 21st event is a hands-on discussion around agile ways of working in marketing with concrete examples and customer cases. Hope to see you there at 16:30!


Make sure to stay informed via our social channels. Hope to see you at our upcoming events!

Make sure to stay informed via our social channels. Hope to see you at our upcoming events!