Why not use the summer slowdown for some digital marketing online courses?


Never stop learning!

Many professions require you to keep up to date with recent developments in order to remain competitive. Digital Marketing for sure is one of those fast-paced industries where it is mandatory to stay ahead of the curve.

We compiled a list of some of our favourite, free online courses you can start today and which will keep you busy for a few weeks. They range from SEO to social media, email marketing, inbound and content marketing to platform specific classes. Some come with neat certifications that will look awesome on your office wall or resume. All will make you more knowledgeable and more employable.

If you know of more great resources we have missed, let us know in the comments and we will update this article.


So who are these courses for?

Well, if you are a digital newbie they will help you get an overview and provide many paths to deepen your knowledge. If you are a marketing pro, you already know how valuable it is to avail of material from industry leading vendors. If you are a CMO, they will help you understand what your teams are dealing with. If you are a business, this is the stuff that can give your brand the digital advantage it needs to smoke your competition. Enjoy!

Google Resources:

Google’s search and advertising business relies on knowledgeable pros to use their tools. Agencies (and individual users) have always been big fans of Google’s free AdWords and Analytics courses. But did you know about ‘Primer’ their neat mobile app for learners on the go? Or their ‘Digital Garage’ certifications? For SEO, check their ‘Beginner Guide’ which is essential reading not just for beginners, trust me. Don’t pay 3rd parties when you can learn from the source directly. There are countless topics to choose from (including Google brands like YouTube) and the quality is high while the content is reasonably easy to digest.

SEMrush Academy:

An authority in SEO and competitor analysis, the SEMrush platform has become a favourite among many digital marketers. While some of their courses are tailored towards their fairly complex (and ever-growing) set of tools, there are others that are general enough and valuable even if you don’t work with their solution. To become a digital marketing pro, explore the SEMrush Academy right now.

HubSpot Academy:

Another great asset in your digital learning toolbox! Some courses are restricted to actual HubSpot users, many are not. Start browsing around here. Their inbound certification is a must-have, but the company keeps adding courses and their ‘classics’ updated. Renew every year and don’t forget to list them on your LinkedIn profile. Marketing, sales, social media and design courses are all part of the learning options.

Facebook Blueprint:

Complexity and value for marketers and businesses alike on and from the largest social network. Again, avoid paying 3rd parties for training courses by going to the source. Facebook Blueprint will give you a solid understanding of their ad and business ecosystem. The platform offers eLearning, in-person courses and valuable certifications. From ads to analytics, these courses will keep you busy but will be very worth your time and effort.

Twitter Flight School:

If you want to get the most out of your Twitter presence and/or advertising, Twitter Flight School will help you take off. Simply log in with your Twitter credentials and start learning. This is not just for marketers to get the basics down, but also senior leaders who want to elevate their personal brand.

LinkedIn Resources:

The largest professional network has a variety of online courses to teach users the ins and outs of their advertising and recruitment solutions, all of which are free. There is a second dimension to LinkedIn learning, which is free for LinkedIn premier account holders and used to be called Lydia. So while not technically free, one could argue a LinkedIn subscription is worth the money for this LinkedIn Learning library alone.

Pro tip: you can always ‘test’ LinkedIn’s premier subscriptions for one free much per year. Time it right and you have 4 weeks access to amazing courses for free. The topics cover all imaginable business and self-development areas, not just ‘digital skills’ and reviews make it easy to pick the most valuable ones. You can also follow pre-designed learning paths that align with your career goals.

Hootsuite Academy:

The popular social media management tool offers free trainings (plus a paid certification course) to help marketers beef up their social media skills. Check out their learning library here. Many courses are free. Some certifications come at a cost but are certainly worth the investment. Like the other resources mentioned here, the course completion will upgrade your online resume. Focus here is social marketing, social selling and advertising.

Salesforce Trailhead:

Somewhat platform specific but also with a ton of general digital marketing knowledge up for grabs. Earning badges will keep your competitive spirit up while you complete modules around the Salesforce platform or writing skills, public speaking, marketing automation etc. Check out some guided learning paths and find the trail that's right for you.

WordStream PPC University:

Another classic resource from a reliable source, WordStream offers a variety of courses for beginners and pros. Always free and always up to date, PPC University is brought to you by the PPC experts at WordStream, to help you learn PPC (pay-per-click marketing or paid search marketing). Some courses are platform specific.

There are literally hundreds of free eLearning tools available and this list is just a small sample.

Backlinko, QuickSproud, MOZ, Marketo and many others offer similarly valuable material. And for the programmers among you, there’s a whole world of code academies out there. Now go ahead, get learning, get certified, and pimp your CVs! If you have any questions or would like us to help with some in-person training, use the contact us link below.

As always, your feedback and comments are welcome. If you find this article interesting, why not share with your network. Happy learning!