MarTech West 2018 - Impressions & Recap


Already from day one here at Peregrine we have been convinced that the marketing industry will see the same technology driven disruption as many other industries experience right now (think energy, medicine, automotive etc.). Spending a couple of days at one of the premier technology events of our industry, MarTech West in San Jose, California has boosted that belief 10x.


The event set an excellent stage for networking within our industry and provided valuable insights into the current development of marketing on a global level. Organized by a team around program chair Scott Brinker, the MarTech expos (West & East) are the go-to conference series for senior-level, hybrid professionals who are both marketing- and tech-savvy. One of my personal highlights was to actually meet up and discuss the state of the industry with Scott. He knows the industry and the players in and out and is generous with insights and thoughts. Through the vendor expo, I had access to 100+ marketing technology vendors, tons of presentations, case studies etc. (I’m still going through some of the material with my colleages).

It’s fascinating to realize how different, yet similar the opportunities and challenges of marketers are around the globe. I also managed to meet a couple of tech partners that we at Peregrine are working with – either directly or through our clients. The conference had different streams, such as Marketing, Technology, Management and Solutions. Hot topics this year were of course things like GDPR, AI and Blockchain, Jason Heller from McKinsey had for example a very interesting session on unified data and AI. The management and organisational side of things where also highlighted and the teams from Airbnb and Evernote had great input here.

Peregrine  CEO Anders Nygren and MarTech Conf organizer Scott Brinker ( @chiefmartec )

Peregrine CEO Anders Nygren and MarTech Conf organizer Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec)

If you missed MarTech West in San Jose, there is also MarTech East in Boston later this year (October 1-3, 2018). I'm interested to hear what conferences you attend and can recommend. As always, I welcome your questions and comments. Thanks!