Master Thesis - “Marketing Transformation: A qualitative study on how companies should cope with an empowered customer in the digital era”


During Spring we had the pleasure of hosting two students from Luleå University of Technology, writing their master thesis at our Peregrine office in central Stockholm. Max and Tedh have both been studying M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management and since earned their master’s degree in industrial marketing. Our CEO Anders served as their supervisor on the company side.

Peregrine’s Master Students Tedh and Max

Peregrine’s Master Students Tedh and Max

The topic of their report is “Marketing Transformation: A qualitative study on how companies should cope with an empowered customer in the digital era”. The goal was to shed light on and analyse how marketing departments have been affected by an apparent change in trends from outsourcing to in-house marketing, and to give practical suggestions on how to overcome challenges associated with such a transition. 

The students spent time with almost every team member to better understand just how applicable the theory is to actual real world cases and customers. They conducted interviews with some of our clients as well. We certainly enjoyed having them around and would be open to similar projects in the future

Here’s the abstract Max’ and Tedh’s work:

With the change in behaviour from the customers’ side, due to the increased use of digital environments, marketers have seen value in customer-related data. In order to fully benefit from the data, many marketing efforts have been brought back in to the own organisation. This study aims to further explain how the marketing department have been affected by the changing in-house trend and give practical suggestions on how to cope with the challenges. Previous research in the area has been reviewed and a summary has been conducted. The data collection consisted of semi-structured interviews with marketers from various industries. Respondents with insightful information in the modern marketing department was interviewed and the findings later analysed. The analysis was conducted with support of categories established from the findings in the literature review. The study resulted in a confirmation of the in-house trend in modern marketing departments and the challenges facing them. The findings of the study have contributed to previous literature by confirming and adding insights in a field where most research is made by trade organisations. An independent academic study in the field could be seen as an important addition to the existing literature in the area. For marketers in the area, a greater understanding of the problem will help make the marketing efforts more effective. Key findings include the importance of understanding the customer and what is required in order to make best use of the in-house marketing department.

A copy of the full report can be found below. We believe it is imperative for business like ours to stay close to the latest academic trends and output, and of course to help engage the next generation of digital marketers. By working with students from leading universities we ensure they get realistic insights into today’s work life while we, in return, don’t miss out on their relevant research and latest methodologies.

Every year, we also hire students directly into our management trainee program. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please reach out to us.