Nonprofit Marketing Transformation: Peregrine & Nema Problema Foundation


If you follow our blog, you have probably seen our article about ”the best marketing and productivity tools for nonprofits". We are very excited to announce that we are now helping our dear friends over at Nema Problema with transforming their digital marketing.

For Nema to reach their goals for the coming year, they realized the need to leverage their digital channels while at the same time optimising their internal processes. This of course is right up our alley, and for the past couple of weeks, two of our digital consultants - Wilhelm and Martin - have been working on the project with the Nema team, which will continue at least into the summer months. 


Nema Problema's ambition is to become the most efficient charity organisation in Sweden. Their main focus is a smoother integration of immigrants - not just culturally, but also by facilitating a helpful push into the local job market.

One of the goals is to create a sustainable forum where native citizens and newcomers can meet, learn and benefit from one another. Many of the newcomers in Nema's programs are highly skilled, educated, and eager to work - not just to support their families, but to contribute to society in their new home of Sweden. 

Our Sr. Marketing expert Martin, who only moved to here less than a year ago himself after many years of working in E-Commerce & Social Media in Ireland and in the US, feels strongly for the cause.

”My wife and I moved to Stockholm with virtually no prior knowledge of the language, and entered a foreign job market with very limited contacts and resources. While our reasons to be here might be different from some of the other newcomers, I know how difficult it can be to find your way around, and I can appreciate the value of a local helping hand. I think our marketing expertise at Peregrine and the fantastic work of Nema Problema are a perfect match. We can really do some good here, and I know that the whole Peregrine team is super excited to help out!”.

What exactly is the scope of Peregrine's work with the foundation?

  • Website evaluation (tech, UX, CRM), 'customer' journeys & segmentation

  • Input for social- & content strategy (engagement, SEO value, inbound marketing)

  • Communication, productivity and collaboration platforms (processes & tech stack)

  • General feedback and recommendations around MarTech & AdTech for nonprofits

If you are interested to learn how you can get involved with the foundation as well, take a closer look at Nema's web site (in Swedish) and all the things that you can do to help their efforts. The Nema team is currently looking for people who want to become mentors, job coaches and volunteers at the great events they are hosting throughout the year. If you’re a business owner, you can also easily become a corporate sponsor.