Peregrine training at Berghs School of Communication


Analytics & Insights that enable strategic guidance and inspire creativity for marketers (By Jannis Hristofilopoulos, Founder of Peregrine and COO)

Peregrine Berghs Training

This week, Peregrine was invited to facilitate training for a group of professional and active marketers at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. The participants came both from the advertiser and agency side. 

In times of marketing transformation, the need for guidance on this topic has never been bigger. It's crystal clear that in-house teams and agency eco-systems of talent are not assessing the available marketing technology stack that their efforts rely on. With that context, one of our purposes is to guide the marketing organisations around our chosen methodology:

  • FIRST - Define your processes

  • SECOND - Build a technology stack that supports your processes

  • THIRD - Build your stable of talent (competence in-house and externally) so that you can leverage your technology and drive results

A cornerstone for this to work is to understand the differences between data sources and how these sources can accelerate the creative aspects of a campaign process, both in terms of automation, but also fully autonomous (see graphic below). For those who realise the changes and the power of the technology, and act on these findings, the possibility of being highly competitive is increasing every day.

The importance of what content to feed the technologies is key, and being strategic in that work is highly relevant. I believe that 9 out of 10 CMOs still waste a third of their time in their campaign processes, and that tends to have 2 negative effects: Customers and Prospects are facing irrelevant content and engagement rates will decrease over time.

At Peregrine will do our best to guide our customers, CMOs, steering groups, cross functional teams and marketing organisations. It is our ambition to remain ahead of the curve by staying inspired by both local and international thought leaders.

To achieve this, we need to keep the conversation going abroad and therefore our CEO Anders Nygren will travel to San Jose, CA next week to attend the MarTech conference. Stay tuned for more information from him and follow us on social media for live updates. If you have any questions, as always, feel free to reach out.