Wanted: Peregrine's next Marketing Transformation Trainee


**Application closed for the 2018 program, please check back later. You can still submit your info if you want to remain in Peregrine's talent pipeline.**

We are currently looking for our next trainee to join our offices in central Stockholm! Are you ready to take on new challenges, tackle a steep learning curve and solve real life problems? You’ll get to work with some of the best people and latest technologies in the digital marketing industry.

Our current home at Epicenter, Stockholm

Our current home at Epicenter, Stockholm

Peregrine is a new type of partner in the Swedish media industry, focused on combining a data driven, strategic approach with a highly technological team to drive transformation in the age of algorithms. Our Stockholm based marketing experts work with some of the largest advertisers and boldest challengers in today’s business. We help organisations elevate their branding, advertising and lead generation efforts by applying an established and holistic methodology across the entire customer journey (with digital focus). 

What is in it for you?

By joining Peregrine, you’ll be working with an experienced and international team of experts in organisational setup, sales, digital strategy and marketing execution. We work with both, big established companies and those that are just getting started, mainly within the Nordic region.

Our approach is learning by doing, and you’ll be given responsibility right from the start, working with some of the boldest players and popular brands in Europe. During your first six months, you’ll be part of our trainee program where you are working in a number core areas, assisting other team members on projects and managing your own. This approach ensures that you’ll learn what it takes to be successful in the digital marketing industry and gain valuable consulting skills along the way. 

In no particular order, the core competencies developed in our graduate program include: Data Reporting  & Analysis - Organisational Setup - Marketing Processes & Technology - Paid Media & Earned Media - Client Management - Presentation Skills - Time Management - Leadership Skills and more.

Our goal is to grow our team with top talent, so once you successfully completed the six month training program, we would like you to take on the role of 'Marketing Transformation Consultant' (or whatever suitable title we agree on), as the next step in your career with Peregrine. 

Do you have what it takes?

We are looking for you who are about to graduate from University or have been out working for less than a year. You are ambitious, eager to learn and not afraid to make mistakes. An analytical mindset and strong problem solving skills are crucial. Also:

  • A Master's degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Economics, Engineering or related field

  • Fluent in English, with strong communications skills

We are looking forward to your application! Please include your CV and a cover letter where you tell us about your background, what made you apply for this role and a little bit about yourself and your ambitions. If you have taken on any additional projects outside of school, we would love to hear about it. Approximate start date for our trainee will August / September.

**UPDATE: Over the past weeks we have been receiving an overwhelming amount of quality applications, thank you! We are still going through all new entries and schedule follow up calls. It is however becoming painfully obvious that we will end up with more high caliber prospects than current openings. Good news is, we're a young company and continue to be in aggressive growth mode. There will be a number of other exciting opportunities coming up in the foreseeable future, aimed at both, junior and more senior profiles, techie and strategic background, broad and specialist areas. So stay tuned and keep your applications coming!**   

What to expect?

Former Peregrine trainee Wilhelm: 

If I’m to highlight one of the aspects I like the most with the trainee structure we have at peregrine, it’s the flexibility. I have been involved in many projects with responsibility from day one, seeing the complete process from initial client dialog to final delivery and implementation. The various modules in the trainee program are not a checklist, but references along the way that have allowed me to take ownership where we saw fit. After six months, I really felt comfortable that we had covered all areas and I'm now managing parts of our projects . It is also encouraging to see that everyone on the team - no matter the tenure -  always make you feel heard. They are all open to learn new things, collaborate and experiment. No two days here are the same and while pretty busy at times, we always ensure everyone is involved and has a good time while solving complex challenges for our clients.

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