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Welcome to the team, Agnes!

Before the summer we have been advertising a vacancy for our digital marketing trainee program and the responses - quite frankly - were overwhelming. So much talent out there from great schools and excellent, highly relevant courses. In total we received upwards of 80 applications, with dozens of qualified candidates to go through. After some email correspondence with applicants we brought our top ten or so picks into the office to meet the team and for some thorough interviewing. In the end it was Agnes Erdmark who has been chosen as the best fit for us and our clients this time around.      

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Why not use the summer slowdown for some digital marketing online courses?

Many professions require you to keep up to date with recent developments in order to remain competitive. Digital marketing for sure is one of those fast-paced industries where it is mandatory to stay ahead of the curve. We compiled a list of some of our favourite, free online courses you can start today and which will keep you busy for a few weeks. They range from SEO to social media, email marketing, inbound and content marketing to platform specific classes. Some come with neat certifications that will look awesome on your office wall or resume.

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Peregrine training at Berghs School of Communication

Peregrine Founder and COO Jannis was invited to conduct training for a group of professional and active marketers at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. The participants came both from the advertiser and agency side. In times of marketing transformation, the need for guidance on this topic has never been bigger. It's crystal clear that in-house teams and agency eco-systems of talent are not assessing the available marketing technology stack that their efforts rely on.

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