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Happy Twitter Anniversary to Peregrine!

Ok, we’ve only been on Twitter for a year now. But while that may not sound like much, it means we had a social media presence pretty much from day one of being in business (not bad!). Since then, we published close to 1,000 hand-picked tweets and established a community of about 500 individuals and brands. If you haven’t checked us out, you should. We cover the latest trends and developments in digital marketing, web technology, social media, SEO and related fields.

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Don’t make your analytics an afterthought

Many of the organisations that approach us for help have a solid tech setup, including web reporting. Oftentimes Google Analytics comes out of the box with modern CMS and web solutions. However, we still come across brands that do not pay enough attention to their analytics or at least do not get the most out of it. There still seem to be some habits, especially within IT functions, that need to be overcome. When you launch new pages and webs hops, when you do any business online really, don’t make your analytics an afterthought.

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