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Data Management Platforms Part II - Picking the right DMP for your organisation

After the overwhelming interest in our previous DMP Q&A blog post, we decided to dig a bit deeper and highlight some areas we received questions about. Welcome to part two of Peregrine’s data management platform spotlight! DMPs help companies make best use of the massive amounts of data they collect by analyzing data from multiple sources and presenting it in easily digestible ways. But what are some key features and qualities to look for in your DMP? Last week we suggested you base your evaluation on scalability, analytics capability, security, retargeting & prospecting, media integration and tag management as well as local support. Here is what we mean by that in more detail.

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Data Management Platforms - Q&A

There is a lot of talk in the marketing industry about utilizing as much data as possible, and some brands think of implementing a DMP (Data Management Platform) to realize that ambition. In this little Q&A piece we will guide you through some things to take into account before thinking further, the alternatives out there, the cost associated with a DMP and how you get started.

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