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Eye-tracking Tech with Tobii - From Science Fiction to Science Fact

One of the benefits of working for Peregrine in this highly advanced digital marketing field is that we get to try out the latest technology with your business partners and clients. One of those solutions we just launched with two of our customers in the Nordic telecom and finance sector. We are of course talking about the world leader in eye tracking, Tobii. See what this technology can deliver and why we’re so excited to be able to offer it to clients.

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How do you hire for the future?

Many of today’s businesses are lacking digital vision and strategy, and are held back by a somewhat conservative mentality and company culture. Our solution is to analyse and optimise (digitize where possible) processes first. We are looking at technology as an enabler for process improvement secondly, and only then do we look at the competencies needed to drive and leverage this process focused tech setup, by identifying the right people profiles. But what qualities are needed in new hires to future-proof your business?

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The new mandate of the CMO

One of the most popular topics in our industry is to elaborate on how the role of the CMO has changed, or will change in the near future. We believe the transition has been ongoing for a while, since the role has without a doubt changed a lot already. And our view is that there is actually a lot more coming for the CMO - good, but also challenging things. The area of responsibility will continue to broaden dramatically, and in many companies a CMO is next to the CEO the most important person around already.

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