Thank you for your support!


We're still speechless about your support. We counted well north of 70 people at our event last week, the place was packed! In case you didn’t make it - here’s what you missed.

The Peregrine team was hosting an office warming and business anniversary party last Thursday. We recently moved from Stockholm’s Epicenter to our own place on Norrlandsgatan after tripling in size. For just over one year now, our growing team has been helping Nordic companies with their digital transformation, marketing and sales process improvement, web presence and much more.

We upgraded our own brand with a fresh logo, which was also revealed at the event. Those were just a few of the reasons to call for celebrations. And our calls sure were answered by many of you!

So thank you for signing up, thank you for coming, thanks for listening to our story and thank you for showing love for our friends at Nema Problema (the charity auction we held raised a couple thousand SEK for their cause and we hope many of you will consider joining their mentoring program).

Last but not least we want to make sure we thank everyone for the countless conversations, valuable business leads, learning from one another and treating each other respectfully - industry peers, partners, competitors, clients, family and friends. We sure had a blast and can't wait to do it again! 

Here’s what our leaders had to say when reflecting over the past 12 months and looking into the company future: Time to gear up! We would love to get the opportunity to work with you in the future, so don’t be a stranger.

We hope to see many of you at our future events. Make sure to connect with Peregrine on social media to stay informed. If you have any comments, questions, input etc. please get in touch. Thanks again!

PS: Big shout-out also to our catering partners Boqueria for the delicious food and our spectacular German bar crew from Bar-O-Meter Potsdam.