Time to gear up!


New office, increased capabilities and team size, bold clients and strong business growth – Peregrine hit the next gear.

In times of digitally driven business transformation where technology really can empower organizations, speed of change is key. Today brands can run agile sales & marketing programs, more automated and over time even autonomous.

That fact is the reason why demand for strategic guidance and technology competence in this field is growing pretty fast. It is also the reason why we opened up our shop in September 2017, offering consulting services around:

  • Setting a Sales and Marketing Strategy based on defining Processes, Technology and Organizations needed to stay competitive

  • Selecting and implementing a Technology Stack that support the defined Process and Organization and that puts capabilities of activating data in the center

  • Assist the in-house team and external partners of our clients in solid sales and marketing Execution when they need more capacity or specialist competences

Since day one, we have had the ambition to deliver marketing transformation through these focus areas, and it feels like our customers appreciate it. We have continued to recruit outstanding people and are working with what we believe are some of the boldest brands around.

We have customers ranging from scale ups with an ambition to disrupt an industry to market leaders focusing on combining massive scale with a speed of change.

Looking ahead we will try to continue to hire creative and brave people, deliver professional services that truly drive growth for our customers and work on solving problems that makes us and our customers learn constantly. We feel pumped!

Anders & Jannis

Anders NygrenComment