Welcome to the team, Agnes!


We are excited about the latest addition to our Peregrine Stockholm team!

Before the summer we have been advertising a vacancy for our digital marketing trainee program and the responses - quite frankly - were overwhelming. So much talent out there from great schools and excellent, highly relevant courses. In total we received upwards of 80 applications, with dozens of qualified candidates to go through.

After some email correspondence with applicants we brought our top ten or so picks into the office to meet the team and for some thorough interviewing. In the end it was Agnes Erdmark who has been chosen as the best fit for us and our clients this time around.      


Agnes comes with a M.Sc. Industrial Engineering & Management from Luleå University of Technology (or LTU - Luleå tekniska universitet). During her studies she specialised in marketing and led a student consultancy project as part of the university’s DEMOLA program, where Agnes and her team developed a marketing strategy for a small local company in Northern Sweden. Her academic achievements and hands-on experience as well as her personal profile will make her a great asset to our growing team.

Originally from Sweden’s West Coast, Agnes has recently moved to Stockholm from Luleå. She enjoys travelling and skiing and is eager to start working with Peregrine’s clients this fall. She’ll be able to apply the knowledge she gained through her studies as well as learning everything we know through our trainee program.

Agnes is, after Wilhelm Haak (now full time Marketing Transformation Consultant), the second Peregrine employee going through our graduate program, which covers all aspects of working at a leading, customer centric digital marketing strategy agency. Our consultants have various specialties in their repertoire and we work as a team to satisfy the needs of our clients. Learning never ends around here.

Please join us in giving Agnes a warm welcome and contact us if you have any questions about the work we do or our trainee program. We would also thank all applicants for our trainee program once again and encourage them to keep in touch. We've been growing at a rapid pace and will continue to hire top talent.