Welcome to the team, Alice!


During Spring we announced we were looking for a new Management Trainee as part of our annual Peregrine Trainee Program. The response was once again overwhelming. In the end, after going through hundreds of applications, talking to dozens of qualified candidates and hosting interviews, we choose Alice Beckman to join our growing team. And we could not be more delighted!

Welcome, Alice!

Welcome, Alice!

Prior to her start with us, Alice has earned a BSc in Business Administration and Management followed by a MSc in International Marketing and Brand Management at Lund University. Besides her studies she has been engaged in various student projects in the student union as well as taken on an internship within sales and marketing in a medtech start up. Along with her positive mindset, contageous eagerness to learn and her hunger to take on projects, we are sure Alice will make a great addition to our team.

Growing up in the western part of Sweden, Alice is now motivated to explore the capital of our country. When not spending time in the office, she enjoys being out in nature - preferably hiking mountain tops or being onboard a sailing boat. Now she is excited to get to know the team even better, start applying her knowledge in practical projects and to gain even more valuable skills through the Peregrine Trainee program.

Peregrine started in September 2017, and within two short years grew from a team of 3 to 15 (not including freelance contractors). Our Management Trainee Program is a six months crash course in the world of digital marketing and consulting. We have been running this initiative since the start with great success and will continue to be a stepping stone for the best talent around. A trainee at Peregrine will have a solid introduction to our mission and values, our industry, stakeholders and most importantly, our clients and services (if this sounds interesting, you can read more here: Find out how the program works and how to apply for our next round).

Alice is, after Agnes and Wilhelm (both full time Marketing Transformation Consultants by now), the third Peregrine employee going through our Management Trainee Program, which covers all aspects of working at a leading, customer centric digital marketing strategy agency. Please help us giving Alice a warm welcome!