Organisational Setup



Our approach to the marketing organisation

We help our clients orchestrate high performing teams. The right people in the right position and with appropriate tools to work with, setting them up for success. The traditional company setup is becoming obsolete at best, and an obstacle at worst. Gone are the days of siloed business units with their own budgets, KPIs and agendas.

Our approach is establishing a full view of the bigger picture by taking a step back. We have worked with a lot of different teams, and from ambitious startups to established industry leaders, it is the people who make or break your business. As an external partner, we are unbiased and subjective.

Understanding what processes and tools are in play is important. Ensuring having the right people in charge is essential. Count on our experience to make solid recommendations for your team structure, next hire or vendor.

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Client feedback from Sony Mobile


"Within our existing ecosystem of marketing partners, Peregrine has been responsible for evaluating and improving our marketing processes. By delivering a clear roadmap for execution, Sony Mobile Communications has improved their marketing capabilities in the Nordic market by adopting a more efficient way of working. With a strategic mindset and a tactical approach, Peregrine has proven to be an agile, dedicated and trusted partner that delivers change at speed."

- Maria Åkerberg, Marketing Activation Manager - SOMC Nordics