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Our approach to finding the right people

We believe that independent of what we are solving for, the solution should be designed to fit future challenges rather than just today’s. We help companies with the right processes and technology for the future, and the same goes for people and organisation. Driving change and building new capabilities in a company always comes down to the right people in the right places.

At Peregrine, our experience from many years in digital sales and marketing has provided us with great insights on what competences an organisation needs in order to compete and succeed today and tomorrow. We believe in unbiased hiring for high performance, the importance of strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, creativity and agility. We know how critical it is to start with a comprehensive and compelling role description, and later on in the process how to establish if a contender may be a good fit. We can help you find the right people to your team and offer temporary consultant solutions in the mean time.

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What we did together with Telia


The 3-star pilot breaks new ground for us in terms of how we work together in practice. It’s a way where we combine the speed of a startup with the power and scale of the market leader. It’s impressive to see what can be achieved when we allow the team to be both cross-functional and semi-autonomous. Combining that setup with shared goals and tight iterations you really see a powerful effect on the results. Several organizations talk about doing Agile Marketing but struggle with implementing it all the way. The 3-star group puts processes and tools in place which makes the team truly agile - and Telia more relevant for our customers. The team members tell me they love this new way of working.

- Anne Gro Gulla, CMO Telia Sverige