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We are bold and passionate advisors who try harder and iterate faster. Our mission is to help our clients design modern marketing processes, leverage advanced technology and orchestrate high performing teams.


Successful marketing is not a guessing game but a structured approach to managing audiences based on data and technology. Today, the business opportunity for brands lies in building capabilities to mass personalise communication, and in thoroughly managing all touchpoints with existing and prospect customers.

Our approach is based on a proven framework which we have remastered over time and successfully applied in many different industries, markets and in B2C as well as B2B settings. We work with three core pillars to ensure the design of your digital strategy is complete, of highest standards, functional and future-proof.

Peregrine methodology

In order to grow your people and unlock the potential of your business, it is crucial to understand your audiences and their journeys from strangers to customers. Let us help you designing a marketing to sales process based on those journeys, with knowledge of the potential within technology and the organisational setup needed to operate it. Scalable, measurable, reliable.

Even in the age of algorithms, business transformation is as much about processes and technology as it is about people. Our approach is holistic and integral. We strategise and execute, analyse and elevate your business. The outcome is a frictionless marketing to sales engine that leverages the latest tech and brightest minds. 

Can you connect your marketing investments to revenue growth? Are you ready to take your organisation to the next level? Let’s go!

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