Application for fall 2019 is now closed. Next round will open early 2020.


Management Trainee Program


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Program Structure

The Management Trainee program at Peregrine is a six months crash course in the world of digital marketing and consulting. You will have a solid introduction to our mission and values, our industry and stakeholders, and most important, our clients and services. It is critical for us that you get the opportunity to dip your toes in everything we do, in real project situations, so that we together can explore what interests and challenges you.

Our ambition is that the wide range of expertise and experience we hold in our team will help inspire you to develop and become an industry leading adviser to our clients yourself.

By joining our Trainee program, you’ll be working with an experienced and international team of experts in how to design organisations, sales processes, digital strategy and marketing execution. We work with both, big established companies and those that are just about to start scaling. Our approach is learning by listening, watching and doing. You will be given clear responsibilities right from the start, working with some of the boldest players and popular brands in Europe.

During your first six months you’ll be part of a program where you are working in a number of core service areas, assisting other team members on projects and managing your own. This approach ensures that you’ll learn what it takes to be successful in the digital marketing industry and gain valuable consulting skills along the way.

Do you have what it takes?

We are looking for you who are about to graduate from University or have been working for less than a year. You are ambitious, eager to learn and not afraid to make mistakes. You have an analytical mindset and strong problem solving skills. Most importantly, you want to help people and companies grow. At speed.



Being a Trainee at Peregrine

Agnes Erdmark

Since August 2018 Agnes has been with Peregrine as our current Management Trainee. She holds a M. Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Luleå University of Technology and is now making use of her master specialization in Industrial Marketing. Below you can read why she applied for the program, and what she thinks now that she’s been with the company for several months.

“When writing my Master thesis last spring, I still didn’t know with certainty what industry I wanted to work in. Just as many of my former classmates I came to the conclusion that consultancy could be a good initial step in my career, allowing me to experience a broad range of areas within companies in various industries and tackle different real world challenges. So far I’m very happy with my choice of picking Peregrine.

The consultancy business can vary vastly and I was looking for certain attributes that I thought could be a good fit for me and my ambitions. I understood early on that Peregrine was a little different than many of the other options I kept open, being smaller, more personal and growing. I was looking for an environment with ambitious people willing to share their knowledge rather than compete internally. I also saw an opportunity to quickly prove my value early on and be engaged with our clients as well as taking responsibility right from the start. I knew from experience that a smaller organisation can’t afford to not utilize the capacity and potential in each and everyone of its employees.

Currently I have been with Peregrine for less than six months and I’m already running my own project and areas within other projects, supported by my colleagues. I’m also involved in the initial dialog with our clients to help understand their challenges, and I’m playing my part in developing our internal culture and way of work.

At Peregrine, we have a team designed to handle the challenges that our customers face when it comes to digital customer interactions, in a culture where we help and learn from each other. This combination provides me with a foundation that gives me strategic insights on complex problems, but also in-depth knowledge of how we solve them. I mentioned my ambition to work with projects within different industries and so far, this has truly been the case. Not only have I been involved on projects working with some of the biggest brands within industries such as telecom, automotive and finance, but also smaller companies in a scale up phase with vastly different requirements on what we deliver.

In addition to the above, I’m also running a pro bono set up with the charity organisation Nema Problema. We are currently helping them in a broad digitization project to spread their good cause and get more people involved. It’s very rewarding to help them in their work with one of today’s biggest struggles - successful integration into the Swedish society (culturally and work related).

To anyone considering a career within digital marketing and business transformation, I can truly recommend looking into Peregrine’s program. If you want learn more about what we do and why this could be a great first step in your career, you are more than welcome to stop by our office for a cup of coffee and a chat.”

Agnes Erdmark
Management Trainee